Yuliya’s Story

Ukrainian-born Yuliya Raquel is a San Francisco Bay Area based award-winning, internationally acclaimed fashion designer. She was the Founder and former Head Designer and Creative Director of IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, founded in February 2000, leaving in February 2013. Since then the company has been acquired. Yuliya Raquel is a 4-time award-winning fashion designer who has dressed numerous celebrities, such as Oscar winner Gabourey Sidibe, Ashley Fink, Jill Scott, Kacee Stroh and Frenchi Davis. Celebrities and their families have worn Yuliya’s gowns at the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, BET Awards, Emmy and Tony Award ceremonies. After several years of being absent from the fashion world, Yuliya Raquel is making a comeback with her eponymous label, designed to celebrate the femininity, individuality and beauty in every woman.

Yuliya Raquel fuses her love of vintage 50s inspired femininity and glamour with contemporary edge and distinct bold prints in her Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Her quintessential designs are effortless, elegant, and easy-to-wear. She brings forth distinctive European atelier techniques, combined with ethical manufacturing and customizable fashion design, while offering her distinct style to women all over the world.

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